Introduces the types and characteristics of jacquard hung with what?
Ribbon Factory said, jacquard hanging belt is a kind of garment accessories, a also belongs to textile accessories. Jacquard hanging belt category also has a lot of, all kinds of special jacquard ribbon in accordance with the production of jacquard hanging belt materials can be divided into polyester yarn, nylon yarn, PP line, PP material, polypropylene fiber yarn and acrylic yarn and other six kinds of jacquard hanging belt.
According to various kinds of special jacquard weaving jacquard pattern also can be divided into single and double faced jacquard jacquard hanging belt hanging belt, single jacquard hanging with jacquard pattern has only positive and negative, No. Double faced jacquard is both sides have jacquard pattern, the jacquard hanging belt is more beautiful fashion. Jacquard hanging belt is fashionable and trendy ribbon craft, stereoscopic exquisite, multi weave flowers, birds, fish, insects, birds and animals and beautiful pattern. Brand logo jacquard, clear, bright color, it is the grade, can increase the added value of the products, but also enhance the brand image. Jacquard belt hanging pattern fine, soft handfeel, resistance, wear-resisting, high color fastness, never deformation. Jacquard hanging belt pattern is relatively simple, is single, and the weft jacquard belt hanging pattern of large amplitude and exquisite, clear color layers stereoscopic.

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