Quality to teach you how to identify the ribbon?
First of all, I teach you a method for identification of ribbon quality, is the public can do. What is this method of identification of ribbon quality? Below I place you simply share:
1, pollution by naked eye: there are no stains, dyeing, oil and other stolen goods.
2, the chromatic aberration test: this can be observed with the naked eye, see its color, texture volume with needle edge, not mixed and disorderly, should be a very pure color.
3: usually, burr burr some yarn, this also can be observed with the naked eye, the ribbon surfaces and the catcher cannot have severe hair bulb and filament.
4, skipping: this also may be observed by the naked eye, ribbon cannot have skipped.
Ribbon quality definitely associated with webbing specifications, the standard specification is the best embodiment of ribbon quality.
5, thickness detection: accurate to the vernier caliper measuring 0, 001, tolerance can not exceed plus or minus 0, 1mm.
6, width detection: caliper measurement 1 inch and 1 inch above the width of the ribbon, tolerance can not exceed plus or minus 0, 25; 1 inch and 1 inch below the ribbon width, standard tolerance not more than plus or minus 0, 25mm. Note: plain weave, herringbone tape must be of sufficient size, not more than 0, 25.
Methods the above share everybody will, differential ribbon quality, everyone together to create.
According to the characteristics of ribbon is mainly divided into the following categories:
1, an elastic band: Crochet belt / wire elastic band / twill elastic band / towel elastic band / Newman elastic band / lycra elastic band / slip the elastic band / put the word jacquard elastic tape
2, rope: circular elastic rope / needle through, PP, low elastic acrylic, cotton, hemp, etc.
3, knitting belt: because of the special structure, the transverse elastic (dimension), mainly used for knitting with piping
4, with polypropylene materials: letters, mentioning the word letter, letter, letter of bilateral provided a round rope etc.
5, herringbone tape: transparent shoulder straps, ribbon, belt line
6, luggage ribbon: PP belt, nylon wrapping belt, cotton belt, with artificial silk, acrylic ribbon, jacquard ribbon...
7, velvet belt: elastic velvet belt, velvet belt
8, all kinds of cotton lace, lace
9, velvet belt: Velvet strip using velvet material, band inlaid with a thin layer of hair
10, printed with various patterns on the belt above: tailored.
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