Jacquard weaving process introduction of fashion
Jacquard ribbon is fashionable and trendy ribbon craft, and nylon jacquard ribbon is applied more to present the highest grades of ribbon varieties. After the appearance of stereoscopic exquisite jacquard ribbon, jacquard pattern and antifriction, never deformation. Brand logo jacquard, clear, bright color, it is the grade, can increase the added value of the products, but also enhance the brand image. And the unique pattern of jacquard, can reflect the product's appearance and the differential design, design idea and can highlight the designer.
Product introduction: the pattern structure is more complex and the appearance of a pattern or characters for jacquard webbing webbing. Technical performance for the brown box machinery can't do ribbon type.
Jacquard weaving pattern carefully and never deformed off. Products imported nylon yarn, environmentally friendly dyes, as well as the most advanced computer jacquard machine, dyeing and finishing equipment and process of dyeing and finishing production. Single or double faced jacquard jacquard ribbon, feel good, bright color, no abrasion cloth, mainly uses to do high-end luggage straps, belts, hanging with domestic and foreign brands, sports bags, which can not only enhance the brand image, but also can improve the added value of the products.

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